Facts about SharePoint 2016 Preview and What makes it Different from its Previous Version

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You might have read about the SharePoint 2016 updates in my previous blog, here I am back with some more important highlights and facts about the SharePoint 2016  such as its preview version, launch date, usage, advancement, applications, features as well as answers to some basic queries of the users.

As we know Microsoft has released SharePoint 2016 Preview on August 24, 2015 to test the features of original SharePoint 2016 which will become usually available in 2nd quarter of 2016. Let’s have brief look on SharePoint 2016 features and what makes it different from its previous version. SharePoint 2016 will focus more on better user experience, cloud hybrid infrastructure, compliance & monitoring and many others.

Better User Experience - SharePoint 2016 will be most likely  similar to  SharePoint 2013 but with more people centric feature. By improving the user experiences with the use of innovative technology such as, it will provide improved touch based experience across all the devices, mobiles, and tablets. While emphasising more on one drive for business, which means place where all the files you are working with are stored and accessible from anywhere. A personal online storage space just like “Dropbox”.

Cloud Hybrid Infrastructure - SharePoint server 2016 updates allow users to avail advantage of cloud hybrid capabilities. By providing all-in-one facility to all the users who are working in different environment. It means, with the help of a true hybrid index users can get search results from Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 as well as SQL Server together with cloud data commonly in a single index.

Compliance & Monitoring -With every new version, SharePoint provides better authentication and security features so that content can be shared securely and safely inside and outside of the organization. Same with the SharePoint Server 2016- It ensures better security and monitoring facility than the previous version and with investment in DLP (data loss prevention) information remains protected i.e. in earlier versions DLP was negotiable, schools and organization doesn’t pay much attention but now it’s compulsion for all to make sure that confidential information remains protected.

These are some SharePoint 2016 features, now let’s have a look on to solutions of some common questions of the users which arise in their minds before installation of SharePoint 2016 preview

Which  Browsers are Supported in SharePoint 2016?
SharePoint Server 2016 IT preview supports all the popular browsers like latest versions of Internet Explorer i.e. 11 & 10. All versions of Microsoft edge, latest versions of Google Chrome, previous to latest and most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, latest released version of Apple Safari. But all the features do not work in all the above browsers and their different versions. 

What are the Minimum Specifications Required?
Hardware requirements are –
For single SQL server instance RAM 12 to 16 GB RAM, with 64-bit 4 Core processor, 80 GB space for drive and addition 100 GB for second drive.
Single farm server (separate server for the SQL DB) RAM 12 to 16 GB, 64-bit 4 Core processor, 80 GB for drive space.
Software Requirements are – 
You'll need to update some of the softwares like Server 2012 R2 at a minimum and .NET Framework 4.5.2. It can also run on Server 10 with only change in .Net Framework i.e. 4.5.6 instead of 4.5.2

Can SharePoint 2016 Preview  be Upgradable to RTM?
No, one cannot upgrade the SharePoint 2016 Preview to RTM.

Are Excel Services Removed from SharePoint 2016?
Following Excel Services in standalone SharePoint 2016 farm is deprecated-
View Excel Spreadsheet
Reliable data providers
Unattended service account 
Excel SOAP API & Webparts
But it is suggested to IT admins to use the Office Online Server to host Excel services.

What are the Extra new Features that are Coming in SharePoint 2016?
Speedily Site Creation – The site collection process became easy now, it will totally rely on copying collection of existing site which increases the speed.
Link Durability – Links whose file name changed and moved to different site collection still it will work properly.
Hybrid Result – Now in SharePoint 2016 search results are shown from cloud and on-premises farms i.e. hybrid results are shown, no matter from where you search.

Launch of SharePoint 2016 is still a year away but you may install its preview version. It will give you a closer view about its working, features, specifications and more.
Keep in tune I will keep on updating you with more facts about  SharePoint 2016  and its release date.

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