10 important SharePoint tips that you can pin on a board

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Thursday, 14 February 2013 0

In the previous writing I shared about, How to manageMicrosoft SharePoint efficiently: Tips for IT managers. Today let’s talk about some tips and tricks that can be used for successful SharePoint deployments. Keep note, these tips are in no priority sequence –

1. Get Office 365: Using Office 365, it makes SharePoint far more reasonable and easy to implement and from this, you will have the great impression on all the smaller organizations.

2. The functionality: It starts with great functional analysis with the help of content management system, collaboration, search, business intelligence and portals that can represent all the mission-critical areas of effectiveness. It can assess each area for the functional fit within your organization.

3. Budgets should match the designed strategies: we all know putting money for resources, staff, later their trainings and change in management should match the goals of the organization that has set for its SharePoint environment.

4. Look for similar existing investments and be ready to streamline your portfolio accordingly: In this, it needs a standby or simultaneous strategy with the existing systems or a decision not to use SharePoint for any given workloads.

5. Be prepared for a period where you can have a little confusion: Yes, it’s true that it can lead to a chaos or confusion. User-generated content and user-developed applications will each provide some challenges but it will ultimately help the organizations to understand the greater value from SharePoint.

6. You have to support SharePoint and with its third-party add-ons: In this, SharePoint has some areas of very strong functionality and some areas where Microsoft's partner ecosystem must fill these cavities.

7. Don’t aim for any early moves but better understand the system: First implement these high-value workloads and establish operational stability and later you can move to any risky applications.

8. Integration is important and it should be done at a right time: The success of your IW completely depends on significant integration with those external line-of-business applications i.e. (AD&D) etc. for the data and other processes.

9. Customized development at first: Custom-made applications or codes are important and it should be designed in an environment which is under thorough and controlled style that does not compromise over workloads.

10. Deploy workloads only when you have the right skills to retain them: If you don't have the right resources to handle any particular workload, postponed it until you can do it correctly.

I hope these tips would help you for better working and functioning. Next time I share something interesting or some news regarding SharePoint. Till then make your system work flawless and smoothly. Adios!

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