SharePoint: What is this, Its Feature Areas and How it Works?

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In Today's I have decided to talk about a very general topic of SharePoint i.e. What SharePoint is all about and how it works etc. It will beneficial for who are looking for the basic information about. I would really appreciate if you could all suggest your views and thought over this topic. You can ask question and even give answers in order to keep the post alive and communicative. I would really appreciate the efforts. Nevertheless let's begin with today's post. 

Managing those data and critical information sometimes create chaos in an organization. Those digital data and web pages are sometimes difficult to manage even using those external portals, and other automated tools. Then how to get rid of it? With the demand of advanced computer technology and complexities it’s important to look for a solution which can handle such situations.

What’s SharePoint?

It is the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the web. It allows individuals in an organization to easily create and manage their own collaborative websites. SharePoint is one of the most reliable and popular website that is used by the businesses around the world. Using SharePoint is not an easy task to perform and many people don’t know the best way of how to use it. It is important to understand it first.

There are various SharePoint software applications available in market developed by major corporations. There are also institutes who provide training on this software. Microsoft Corporation developed Microsoft SharePoint which has been used in many organizations.

The major features are –

Features in Microsoft SharePoint reduce the complexity involved in making simple site customizations, and they are robust when upgrades are applied to a deployment. It eliminates the need to copy large chunks of code to change simple functionality. Thus reduce versioning and inconsistency issues that may arise among front-end web servers. It manages the content and document of an organization known as Content Management System which helps organizations to increase productivity, enhance flexibility and improve control with reliability and low cost of the ownership.

It is easier to activate or deactivate functionality in the course of a deployment, and administrators can easily transform the template or definition of a site by simply toggling a particular Feature on or off in the user interface. Features provide the following capabilities:

• Scoping semantics for determining where custom code runs
• Pluggable behavior for installing or uninstalling Features within a deployment
• Pluggable behavior for activating or deactivating Features at a given scope
• A scoped property bag for storing data required by a Feature within its scope
• The basis of a unified framework for distributed deployment of SharePoint Foundation solutions ability to upgrade the versions

How it works?

• It lets you store all emails on a secure and centralized website. You can also easily archive these emails.
• It offers a centralized location for assigning a task to members.
• The To-Do list of Outlook 2007 is capable of showing these tasks. Tasks are also linked to a project.
• It facilitates you in organizing large events and storing various data related to the events. It gets collaborated with the documents of team members and does stay to check who did what.
• It lets you notify your team members about a new task they have.
• It can be used to rapidly manage and organize various team projects.
• It cuts the use of an expensive project management application.
• It has got an efficient check-in and check-out management feature to classify the documents.
• It also provides a fully secured place to share documents between partners/clients.
• You can access your data using mobile phone. It creates communication and brainstorming sessions among permitted participants.
• You can also work offline on files, discussions, projects tasks, calendars, and blogs and sync them with the system later.
• You can make a central document where all partners, members and clients can make changes. Tens of other uses can also be added with SharePoint application development.

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