What is SharePoint Newsfeed App in SharePoint 2013 and What Can You Do with It?

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Thursday, 19 December 2013 0

When SharePoint 2013 was launched it came with many interesting features and mobile capabilities which helped people to work in team more productively. In this, one of the feature is SharePoint Newsfeed. It is nothing but a form of social media for the enterprise people which helps users to stay in touch with their enterprise social network on SharePoint itself through tablets and mobile phones etc., by straining posts and comments on a site feed and providing the ability to take part in all the conversations which are required.

It was initially available in some precise SharePoint configurations including SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 365 SharePoint Online, Newsfeed is a new tool that lets you see what’s going on in your organization throughout the day, as well as share your own ideas, updates and observations. After this, it was introduced for iOS platforms and other mobile platforms and later they also introduced it for Windows 8.

If we talk about features then it offers diversities to the users. Below are the full feature list is as follows:

• Creates new status post
• Keep up with your colleagues’ latest posts and comments. 
• Filter on a Site Feed.
• Create new posts to share updates or ask questions.
• Upload pictures.
• @mention a colleague using global address lookup.
• Include #hashtags in your posts.
• Snap the SharePoint Newsfeed app to the side and multitask.

In this, once you logged in the SharePoint newsfeed, it open “Following pivot” of the newsfeed. From there, you can see and post to the public newsfeed and to newsfeeds in team sites that you’re following. In this you can also have conversations with people in your organization by adding posts to the newsfeed.

Additionally when you want to tag some topics or information; type or tap # symbol to add a hashtag to your post. After adding the # symbol, a list of available hashtags appears at the bottom of the post. You can select from the list or type in a new tag.

Likewise you have @ symbol which works like the #hashtag. Type or tap @ symbol to mention someone in your post. A list of available names appears at the bottom of the post.

Towards the end you can even start or stop following someone. If you want to start following someone, tap their name either from a post, and @mention, or from your list of followers and go directly to their profile. From there tap follow this person. If you decide to stop following someone, tap stop following this person. Other than this to –

Send email: Tap the email address to open your configured mail app (such as Outlook) to send an email.
Mention: You can create a post that includes @ in the textbox.
Call work: Tap the phone number if you want to call that person from your phone.

From a person’s profile you can swipe to view their activities. If they’ve set their privacy settings to allow it, you can also see a list of their followers and who they’re following.

We hope you find these social features of SharePoint 2013 helpful and can help you and your co-workers to stay in the loop at your organization, and work better as a team. 

Image: credited from Microsoft

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