Innovative Use of SharePoint in Different Field

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Friday, 10 April 2015 0

United Airlines- Central Deployment
United Airlines is one of the well-known and leading airlines with over 85,000 employees, participated in the SharePoint Server 2013 Rapid Deployment Program. The program build to provide advice or feedback about the customer’s airline’s experience in its WAN environment. Simultaneously, it also allowed each customer to reduce their server footprint while providing an outstanding social collaboration experience. Moreover team developed a new procurement tool that is based on taxonomy and additional features in SharePoint 2013.

United Airlines’ team trust on SharePoint sites to complete job-related tasks including the 379 global airports. Even the whole route map for the airline which shows the geographic environment is served by a centralized SharePoint farm.


University of West London - Social Learning
University of West London (UWL) decided to create a student portal by using SharePoint. A platform that allows students to interact with each other safely and which create academically driven environment.

To keep this thing in mind an online portal is created using SharePoint for better collaboration between staff, students and administration, and to make the things and services available at anytime, anywhere & from any device. The student portal has so many features, range of tools, services under one platform i.e. My UWL branding. (My Email, My Site, My SkyDrive, My School, My Noticeboard, My Connections, My Marks, My Timetable, My Personal Details, My Modules, My Pebble pad, My Calendar, My Graduation, My Software Deals).My site was similar to social networking platform like Facebook.


University of Essex -Student Recruitment
University of Essex started 2 year SharePoint project to store and use the central students file. They replaced their paper based document record with an Electronic Student File hosted in SharePoint. A two year SharePoint project was started at university of Essex to store and use the University’s central student files for editing and updating files and other sources into a single electronic file. The aim of creating Electronic files is to keep them safe and they can never be misplaced or misfiled. With SharePoint it is also possible to manage registry process from initiation to completion.

By the time SharePoint used for monitoring academic selectors’ approval of applications, interview results and disability needs valuation. Which lead to significant savings in staff time and reduction in paper files.
After the implementation of electronic files for undergraduates, the University turned its attention to postgraduate applications. These benefits of SharePoint resulted into unexpectedly positive degree.


D & M Holdings Inc. - Enhances Images, Cuts Cost 
D&M manufactures various brand of exclusive consumer electronics including Denon and Marantz. Now the company required to streamline the management of its brand website to increase the sales and reduce the cost. Hence D&M Holdings selected Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for internet sites. With the amazing feature of SharePoint the company has combined nine different platform into one, and created unified brand image. Resultant of it is website user experience has improved.


Hence, this are some case studies defining the importance of SharePoint since many years, there are many more unique features of SharePoint which will lead users by surprise.

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