Why Microsoft Added Dynamics 365 Cloud Services and the Hottest New Services

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been created to increase the productivity of a business by becoming more specific. Businesses can choose which areas to focus on from sales automation to customer service and select from various apps to address the particular needs of their unique consumers. Dynamics 365 will be able to service people in over 40 different languages as well as in 135 different market places. In order to better understand Dynamics 365, here is a breakdown of how Dynamics 365 can help your business.

1.What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft has created a platform which combines CRM and ERP services into a single entity that is now known as  Microsoft Dynamics 365.  CEO Satya Nadella wanted to show how a focus on combining CRM and ERP could change the way businesses and consumers buy and use business apps. AppSource is one of the main contributors to the flare of Dynamics 365 but the integration of artificial intelligence into the system has become a huge talking point. Earlier last month TechCrunch Noted, “It’s been designed as a stand-alone service that can work with any of the Dynamics 365 CRM components-sales, customer service, or field service - and can also work with any external CRM tool with open APIs.”
This also means users who are using the Microsoft SharePoint Application, Office 365, or other Microsoft tools can access the AI services. Power BI and Cortana, according to the Microsoft Blog, “Will further help businesses achieve their goals through predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.”  Similar to Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365 seeks to simplify the integration and management of data across various applications.

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2. How Is It Different?

What makes Dynamics 365 intriguing is the introduction of Microsoft AppSource. What the Microsoft team has done is become more specific with their apps. They are now designed to work efficiently not only together but independently as well.  The Microsoft Blog notes how your business can start small and pay only for what you need. “The apps include built-in insights, predictive intelligence and workflow optimization, all of which will be delivered through simple, easy-to-use, mobile experiences with offline capabilities.”
Another feature available to businesses is over 200 SaaS apps which also have add-in’s and content packs ready for use. Microsoft Dynamics 365 also allows you to create new applications while still being able to edit and enhance old ones. The vast amount of resources made available to businesses on this platform help to make collaboration easier and increase innovation.

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3. Other Special Features

Another feature Microsoft is making available is the ability for small businesses to tend to their business needs as much as larger ones. There is Dynamics 365 which caters to  small businesses of about 100, and one for enterprises. The same applications are accessible to both however, Dynamics 365 for enterprises places a large emphasis on ERP. This allows a larger range of business owners to interact freely with Microsoft Dynamics 365 because the nature of their small or large business will be recognized.
Microsoft is also allowing consumers to a licensing choice based on the access requirements of a business. If you find that one person needs to be able to use the service there is an option for a single team member which has certain restrictions. However, if you find your business to be on the opposite side of the spectrum and need group access you can license through a plan to gain access for everyone.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 seeks not only to make business processes easier, but to help encourage creativity and innovation. Much like the latest SharePoint updates, these new additions are to provide your business with the best possible tools for success. Here’s a recap of the most important points:
The Dynamics of Dynamics 365

1. Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud based application which offers a combination of CRM and ERP services
2. Artificial intelligence is integrated into the system to help service your business
3. The AppSource SaaS applications were created to address specific areas of your business
4. There are options for both small and large businesses
5. Access can be licensed based on what your business needs

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