MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 2016 is Here. Here’s What’s New

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Thursday, 12 January 2017 0

SharePoint 2016 is Microsoft’s upgraded document management and collaboration tool. Equilibrium, the software company behind MediaRich, has responded to the latest SharePoint updates by releasing their revamped enterprise content management system, MediaRich ECM, making the 2016 edition a highly relevant tool for 2017.

MediaRich ECM for Microsoft SharePoint

MediaRich ECM is the only Digital Asset Management video management system for SharePoint and provides a leading visual upgrade. It’s a tool that enhances SharePoint and creates high-performing visual management platforms. It also provides increased security because all files are stored in the Microsoft SharePoint 2016 application environment.
Microsoft SharePoint 2016 New Support and Features

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MediaRich ECM supports over 450 image, video, audio, Microsoft Office, drawing (SVG, WMF, IMF, EMF), and RAW camera file types. It covers Photoshop and Illustrator files, lets you work in the original file format (of any size), and then create media templates to convert groups of images or videos into all mediums. Metadata is also automatically indexed when images are uploaded into the system, saving you a lot of time.

One of MediaRich ECM’s key features is InstantOn, which works with any document library or asset library. There’s no need to load assets into a new library with InstantOn; you can see instant thumbnails from any browser, including mobile, in the location of the files themselves. You can essentially view any document without using third-party plug-ins or actually needing to download them. You save time and bandwidth by previewing the files instead of downloading them.

Another feature is the UniZoom viewer. With it, you don’t have to download large files to see them. You can view 300MB+ files across multiple devices with “read only” capabilities. The UniZoom viewer works on all browsers, across multiple devices, has universal, multi-page zoomm pan technology, and gesture support for desktop and mobile devices. The MediaBatch uploader also bypasses the standard 2GB upload limit. You can upload thousands of files at once, and once they’re in the system, you can inspect them on any platform.

Improved User Experience

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You’ll notice an immediate improvement in user experience when using the Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Application with MediaRich ECM. It has a responsive design based on device and screen resolution, and resized controls that allows for full-page viewing on all screen sizes. The UniZoom viewer also optimizes viewing and provides seamless video playback. You’ll only need to store files in SharePoint, and can then view them anywhere, even over low bandwidth. With automatic multi-video for HTML5 browsers, you also have multiple device playback and full size or screen viewing, all without third-party plug-ins. You’ll be especially impressed if you work in construction, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, or other industries that utilize blueprints and large files. You can weave through libraries of PDFs and drawings in a single viewer, without having to download them. MediaRich ECM also expands SharePoint’s utility and minimizes the time needed to search, modify, rearrange, and distribute media assets in a single portal. You’re able to download files in bulk, create derivatives, and deliver them in all formats without altering the original file.

“MediaRich extends our SharePoint platform and provides all the capabilities we needed, from view anywhere technology, MediaRich’s seamless visual integration along with SharePoint’s version control and publishing libraries, so we now have the best of both worlds…” -Sam Rhodes, IT Manager, Business Print Australia

The Takeaway

Now that MediaRich features SharePoint 2016 and covers the latest SharePoint updates, you can work on the go and across multiple devices. You can view almost any file with its updated features and not waste time or bandwidth downloading them. You’ll also find that the combination of increased productivity and decreased waste while managing your digital assets leads to an improved user experience.

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