Why .Net and SharePoint are the Right Platform for Enterprise Application Development?

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Monday, 28 April 2014 1

 Whenever it comes to the enterprise applications like ERP, CRM or any financial software etc. small organizations have this misconception that it is supposedly only for the large corporations mainly because of the development and implementing cost attach to these software. But the truth is, today the software development market has grown so far that it has bridged all the barriers between the customers and developers and has given technologies which are most cost-effective, realistic and delivering the goal and custom developed applications.

In today’s post we will discuss why .Net and SharePoint are the right platform to develop these enterprise applications in more cost effective and realistic way. Enterprise application development in .NET and SharePoint platform is might considered as the easiest way to implement it but it also got the toughest job is to find the correct partner to develop these applications in the system. For any company to develop their own enterprise class application, requires the partners to have a team those are capable of delivering the application as well as also understand the requirement and design of the application in a manner that it helps the organization to grow efficiently and also show a financial growth.

In this SharePoint is a platform and not an application which has proven to be really effective when it comes to enterprise applications. It has great features which provided organizations the potential to develop yet many applications to work around. Like it provide features like contracts management capability, a social computing capability etc. In Social computing capability you have blogs, wikis, microblogging, discussion boards etc. which gives you a platform to discuss, brainstorm within the organization.

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On the other hand, .Net and ASP.Net controls and helps in building intuitive and feature rich applications for any web-based browsers that enables your business to make a positive impact. We also need to understand, SharePoint is a platform that sits on top of over the ASP.net. They do override a lot of ASP.net built-in functionality but with ASP.net you have a very well documented, battle-hardened, mature and stable platform with a good API. But SharePoint isn’t a replacement.

If an organization choose an application that uses .Net framework for the development of apps on SharePoint and web services it’s rather more beneficial because it provides wide support for web services development and it makes it possible to develop secure, scalable, robust and fast web services in short span of time.

Therefore, developing enterprise class applications with the nuances of the .Net and SharePoint application development platform can design and develop a robust, secured and customized enterprise application development for any large, medium or small enterprise that will not just increase the efficiency of the operations but will be bring the profit in short span of time too.


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