SharePoint Server 2016 Updates

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Wednesday, 8 July 2015 0

As the world is moving towards cloud based technology, Microsoft is planning to release yet another product SharePoint server 2016 in the next year which will give a new outlook to the SharePoint technology. The SharePoint server 2016 will be released in Q2 2016, with a public beta planned for Q4 2015. It is the next version of SharePoint Server which is inspired by cloud technology and will help to unify the servers. At the same time, hybrid deployments of SharePoint Server with Office 365 will be possible through cloud innovation.

It is assumed that “SharePoint server 2016 can be all or one thing” meaning, it will be the server experiencing all kind of features including file repositories, providing various BI (Business intelligence) . So, everything will be available at a single place for the user.

With SharePoint 2016, Microsoft is moving various technologies into cloud such as Delve, clutter, groups, and is also introducing a new layer rather than keeping all services separate. Moreover, Microsoft is also planning to add new experiences to the server 2016 by making it more social and mobile, and enforcing machine learning capabilities. The main improvement which will be introduced in SharePoint server 2016 is SharePoint's Files, Content Management, Sites and Portals.

Portal will now be mobile enabled and will be more simplified for the end users. Search improvement in the SharePoint will be Delve based on office craft technology and will have governance control for IT department. Files in SharePoint 2016 will be improved with one drive for business (previously it was My Documents). The improved files will help in mobile data management and prevention of data loss.

In addition to this, SharePoint 2016 will now be more consistently code based, which will help in filling gaps between offline and online products. Another important feature is patch with zero down time. A super exciting feature.

Continuing with the more features; SharePoint 2016 will also be adding server role installation wizard, while new compliance reports with role based installation will be added in the product.
Last but not the least, server will have inbuilt health analysers which will keep track on road as provision in SharePoint form.

Few Requirements for SharePoint server 2016-

OS requirement for SharePoint server 2016 will be Windows Server 2012 R2 or "Windows Server 10 In addition to this, it also requires Windows Server App Fabric 1.1 but it will be deplored next year. For the time being it will be supported in the SharePoint 2016.

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