Microsoft SharePoint’s OneDrive New Features You Should Know

Posted by Sophina Dillard on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 0

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Microsoft has released a slew of new upgrades to their SharePoint and OneDirve services over the past few months. The new improvements assist enterprises that already utilize Office 365 and its features including SharePoint. Some of the enhancements are a new SharePoint framework, Microsoft Flow integration, and the addition of a Sharepoint mobile app for iOS. All of these improvements help employees work faster and smarter than they have before. 

SharePoint and Microsoft Flow

Microsoft SharePoint is a web based collaboration and document management platform, which allows enterprises to host files, manage documents, and collaborate on projects. SharePoint’s ability to store, archive, and manage documents while also allowing workers to collaborate on a document in real time gives the application a flexibility to fit any enterprises needs. One of the new updates is the addition of Microsoft Flow to SharePoint online. Microsoft Flow is an application, which automates workflows and makes managing information much easier because the application cooperates with Microsoft and many third-party applications.

SharePoint’s OneDrive Online Document Libraries

Every business needs a place to securely store their documents online and SharePoint provides a central location for workers to share, store, and collaborate on documents called OneDrive for business. Much like OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s personal cloud storage services, OneDrive for business is a cloud storage system but instead of being managed by an individual it is maintained by an organization. Microsoft even allows a user to transfer documents from their personal OneDrive account to their OneDrive for business account. 

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SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Framework allows developers to create powerful applications creating a robust user experience. The platform leverages a new page structure called SharePoint Page. The page structure gives developers the ability to build from the client-side and has some great features like hosting web parts and add-ins while being technologically independent. The whole purpose of SharePoint Framework is usability and Jeff Teper, corporate VP for Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, conveyed this best when he said, I think you'll see a simple user experience [and] we will have an extensibility model. The goal is not to have somebody have to read 1,000-page how-to program in a SharePoint book.” Microsoft has made an effort in recent months to make enterprises have simple and seamless experiences with their applications and services.
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SharePoint Mobile

For any business that wants convenience, a mobile application in today’s world is a necessity. Microsoft’s mobile application offers users the ability to enter portals, access content, and collaborate with coworkers. Sharepoint is connected through Office 365 so it always on a user’s desktop, while OneDrive for Business is integrated into the iOS app. Both applications allow an employee to always be available, which creates a more productive business. The app also comes with Microsoft Graph technology, which connects SharePoint Online and Office 365.

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Businesses are constantly looking to make their workers more efficient and open. Microsoft is always adding new features to their services and interpreting and predicting the needs of their customers. SharePoint and OneDrive are great examples because they are built with business demands in mind. In the future, Microsoft is adding Webhooks into SharePoint, custom sites on the SharePoint Framework, and the sites API on Microsoft Graph.

All of these new components will make their applications more efficient and seamlessly help a business. SharePoint delivers workers a central location to communicate with their coworkers, produce content, and accept tasks. Sharing content online in a secure environment has become an important aspect of any business. OneDrive for Business allows organizations to control their employees’ capability to contribute to the documents in the library. Microsoft creates applications and services that better enterprises by improving the technology people use everyday. 

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