Microsoft SharePoint Is in the Cloud for Intranet

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Why Microsoft Introduced this Project

SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management and collaboration tool. Seeing that the Intranet was the focal point of many organizations, Microsoft introduced SharePoint for Intranet a couple of years ago as a place where employees could connect with each other and turn to for company news, information and content. It improved internal communication, reduced email overload, and created a forum for non-work related socialization. As part of the latest SharePoint updates, Microsoft introduced SharePoint in the cloud for Intranet, an innovative solution that offers companies a low-cost alternative to on-site deployment of Intranet.

Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud for Intranet

With the cloud based Intranet that SharePoint provides, users can upload files to OneDrive for Business, an online document library, and access them anywhere. It’s also very easy to use. Michael Feather, Head of Business Change at the Family Business Society, said, “the simplicity means our employees can communicate quickly without being snowed under by email.” And because it’s a web platform, anyone in the organization can access the files and collaborate. In other words, this efficient and secure document management system allows users to plan automated document creation workflows in which changes pass on from contributor to contributor until the review process is complete. Apart from this peer-to-peer collaboration process, traditional top-down communication directives, in which managerial hierarchy and the methodical transfer of information is emphasized, is also allowed.

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Some of the other features included are search capabilities, client management system (CMS), news, employee directories, personalization options, team collaboration spaces, blogs, wikis, and more. It’s also bundled with Office 365 applications, so integration of Microsoft SharePoint with other Office 365 applications creates an easy way to export and share data. It’s scalable, so it can expand or retract as needed, and included in the latest SharePoint updates is a mobile app that allows users to stay connected to important information and people from the company Intranet, on the go.

Advantages of SharePoint for Intranet in the Cloud

An advantage of SharePoint for Intranet in the Cloud is hybrid deployment, in which secure information remains on premise while everyday and low-security files move to the cloud. This offers a huge benefit for large-scale enterprise information management  because it can take over backups and recovery duties, greatly reducing dependency on third-party solutions. And because files are in the cloud, shared documents are easy to access remotely and no time is wasted searching for emails or internal documents on a central network drive.

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One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud is its customizability. You of course have the option of making use of the out-of-box offerings, but by designing it for your business with user experience in mind, you can make it visually pleasing by incorporating your brand’s designs and logo, elevate the visibility of commonly used applications, websites and pages to create easy and simple navigation, and customize how and when your organization receives new SharePoint updates and features. Moreover, you can customize your company’s Intranet in the cloud with corporate goals in mind to streamline the whole process.

The Takeaway

The latest SharePoint updates integrating an organization’s Intranet to the cloud are a much needed upgrade for our modern and cloud-based society. It’s especially useful now that MediaRich features SharePoint 2016. For those who don’t know, MediaRich ECM is the only Digital Asset Management system for SharePoint, and provides tools that enhance SharePoint and allows for the creation of high-performing visual management platforms. So if you want to be able to view almost any file type and not waste time or bandwidth downloading it, go for SharePoint in the cloud for Intranet with MediaRich ECM.

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