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Posted by Sophina Dillard on Friday, 14 December 2012 0

Today with this increasing data-centric business climate, fear of data loss and data tampering, assigning the access to mission critical information to the specific users and with increasing complexities and data handling issues, etc. all we are looking for a robust, cost-effective, reliable and customized solution which can increase the productivity, enhance flexibility and improve control over the system and give us the desired results in the least possible time. All I can say answer to all these problems – Microsoft SharePoint. It integrates content management, social computing and search, enhances the user experience and easy adoption for them.

It is really important to have an effective custom application development for your organization. Microsoft SharePoint gives you a single, integrated location where your employees can easily find organizational resources, access corporate knowledge, and control the business insight so that they can take the better decisions. It offers an existing framework for publishing the content with an out-of-the-box administration. It also offers a complete search engine to search content and a portal for a user including single sign on. It has workflows to support business processes and a possibility to have insights into third application data.

SharePoint Pie: Let’s understand the pie chart of SharePoint which describes it services and features:

Why you need a SharePoint? 

If you want to find out whether you need a SharePoint service or not, just answer the following questions in yes or no
  • Having trouble managing projects and are considering buying an expensive project management solution?
  • Do you keep all your emails in Outlook and wish you had a better place to store and archive them?
  • Do you collaborate a lot on documents with others and find it difficult to know who has done what, and wish you could easily see earlier versions maybe even restore to earlier versions. Wouldn't it be great to tie documents to the projects they are associated with?
  • Does your company deals with a lot of events, so you need a place to stay organized and it would be great if it would integrate with Outlook?
  • Would you like to have more control over the company’s documents that are posted to a central location and something that has a content approval feature would be perfect?
  • Would you like to have a secure place to share documents and other information with clients and/or partners, just as long as it's secure and private?
  • Would you like to start offering training material to your teams, clients, and/or partners in a password-protected website that can be accessed anywhere in the world?
  • Do you've seriously thought that your company could use some sort of document management system that uses a check-in / check-out feature?
OK, now if mostly your answers were yes then you surely need SharePoint Solutions.


SharePoint offers you “out of the box” features. Its main benefits are –
• A robust development platform to rapidly build solutions and respond to business needs
• Organizational Efficiency
• Information Sharing Across Geographical Boundaries
• Comprehensive Content Management and Enterprise Search Features
• Enhancements to drive productivity, a salable unified infrastructure, and flexible deployment etc.

It majorly enhances: 

 Here, I am sharing a video which explains about the SharePoint working in a very simple way.

Next time I will discuss upon the new release of SharePoint i.e. SharePoint 2013. Its features, benefits and how and where we can implement it to get more benefits in our organization.

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